Audio » ДискографииHopsin / Discography

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Hopsin / Discography

Hopsin / Discography

Жанр: Hip-Hop
Страна: USA
Год издания: 2009-2015
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 128-320 kbps
Количество релизов: 5

Audio » Зарубежный рэпN.O.O.N. ‎– Start Da Session (Vinyl, 12'')

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Name: N.O.O.N. ‎– Start Da Session (Vinyl, 12'')N.O.O.N. ‎– Start Da Session (Vinyl, 12'')
Genre: Hip-Hop
Release Date: 1994
Format: mp3
Quality: 192
Size: 22 Мб
Duration: 00:16:04
Description: Pittsburgh

Audio » Зарубежный рэпJimmy Prime - Block Boy

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Jimmy Prime - Block Boy
Name: Jimmy Prime - Block Boy
Genre: Rap, Hip Hop
Year: 2015
Audio: 128 kbps
Format: mp3
Duration: 00:27:38
Size: 26 Mb
Description: Новинка!

Audio » Зарубежный рэпMr. Lif, The Polish Ambassador & Ayla Nereo - Terra Bella

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Опубликовал: needtor
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Mr. Lif, The Polish Ambassador & Ayla Nereo - Terra BellaName: Mr. Lif (The Perceptionists), The Polish Ambassador & Ayla Nereo - Terra Bella
Genre: Alternative Hip-Hop
Year: 2015
Featuring: Chali 2na (Jurassic 5), Zumbi of Zion I
Producer: The Polish Ambassador
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps Спектр
Duration: 00:42:46
Size: 100 Mb
Description: Новинка!

Audio » Зарубежный рэп80's Babies - Sonic Music

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80's Babies - Sonic MusicName: 80's Babies (Tall Black Guy & Dee Jackson) - Sonic Music
Genre: Underground Hip-Hop
Release Date: 18 May 2010
Producer: Tall Black Guy
Featuring: Chaka B, Crooked I, Knoc Turn'al, Pathfinders, Kazi the Blak, Allegra Dolores, IE, Jelify, Midflex, Sorce, Famsquadilliana, Savy, Iris, Yng Sin, 1773
Format: mp3
Quality: VBR V0 kbps
Size: 116 Mb
Duration: 01:02:20
Description: Дебютный альбом дуэта. Hip hop in it's purest form. All production done by super producer Tall Black Guy and emceed by Dee Jackson (with special guest appearances)

Audio » Отечественный рэпАдвайта - Контрольный EP

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Опубликовал: Polka
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Адвайта - Контрольный EPНазвание: Адвайта - Контрольный EP
Жанр музыки: Rap, Hip Hop
Год выпуска: 2015
Время звучания: 00:20:30
Формат / Качество: mp3 / 320 kbps
Размер:47.5 Мб
При участии: Каспийский Груз

Audio » ПромоYukmouth feat. Richie Rich, Beeda Weeda, Agerman, Kafani, Shady Nate, Lee Majors, G-Stack & London - Da Town (Remix) [Single]

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Опубликовал: G-EAZY
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Yukmouth feat. Richie Rich, Beeda Weeda, Agerman, Kafani, Shady Nate, Lee Majors, G-Stack & London - Da Town (Remix) [Single]Name: Yukmouth feat. Richie Rich, Beeda Weeda, Agerman, Kafani, Shady Nate, Lee Majors, G-Stack & London - Da Town (Remix) [Single]
Genre: Rap
Release Date: October 20, 2009
Label: Smoke-A-Lot Records
Producers: Scorp Dezel
Guests: Richie Rich, Beeda Weeda, Agerman, Kafani, Shady Nate, Lee Majors, G-Stack, London
Format: mp3
Quality: 192 kbps
Size: 21 mb
Duration: 00:14:41
Description: Сингл с шестого альбома Яка "Free At Last".

Video » Зарубежные клипыThe Game ft. Drake - 100

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Опубликовал: west777
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The Game ft. Drake - 100Название: The Game ft. Drake - 100
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Год: 2015
Качество: HDRip [1080p]
Видео: AVC | 1920x1080 | 3625 Kbps
Аудио: AAC | 125 Kbps
Формат: mp4
Размер: 155 mb
Продолжительность: 00:05:48
Описание: Клип на сингл с предстоящего альбома "The Documentary 2"

Audio » Отечественный рэпPHARAOH - DOLOR

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Опубликовал: Kirill-x-zibit
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Genre: Hip-Hop
Release Date: July 31, 2015
Producers: PHARAOH, White Punk, AVAY, Crazie Mugg, Lunar Vision, DIMVRS
Guests: Mnogoznaal, superiorcatproteus, ACID DROP KING
Format: mp3
Quality: VBR
Size: 191 mb
Duration: 01:19:30

Audio » Зарубежный рэпChuck Chillout & Kool Chip – Masters Of The Rhythm (320 kbps)

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Опубликовал: Joe Jazzy
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Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip – Masters Of The Rhythm (320 kbps)Name: Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip – Masters Of The Rhythm
Genre: East Coast Rap / Golden Age
Release Date: 1989
Label: Mercury
Producers: Chuck Chillout, Kool Chip, Rob 'Boy White' Lewis
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps (Спектр)
Size: 99 Mb
Duration: 00:42:44
Description: DJ Chuck Chillout has been one of the more valuable behind-the-scenes figures in the rap community since the early '80s, most notably as a DJ, producer, and radio host. He was one-third of the B-Boyz, a Bronx-based group that released the oft-sampled "Rock the House" on Vintertainment in 1983. From there, his stature grew through his shows on KISS and WBLS; he also worked sporadically with a number of groups, including Run-D.M.C. and Public Enemy (a mixing credit on "Night of the Living Baseheads" being the most significant). In 1989, Chillout joined up with Kool Chip for The Masters of the Rhythm, an album released on Polygram. After that, he continued to work with underground groups and host radio programs.

Audio » Зарубежный рэпDJ Spinna - Underground Forever (320 kbps)

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Опубликовал: Joe Jazzy
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DJ Spinna -  Underground Forever (320 kbps)Name: DJ Spinna - Underground Forever
Genre: Hip-Hop
Release Date: 2010
Label: Octave
Producers: Ase One, Buckwild, Charlemagne, DJ Ogee, DJ Spinna, Dante, Georges Sulmers, Godfather Don, Hi-Tek, Jocko, Juggaknots, Minnesota, Necro, No I.D., Rich Blak, Run Run Shaw, Salaam Remi, Spencer Bellamy, The Dutchmin, Ugly Duckling, Vinyl Reanimators
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps (Спектр)
Size: 179 Mb
Duration: 01:17:27
Description: DJ Spinna returns to his roots on Underground Forever, unearthing a classic mix of independently released singles and sleeper favorites from the mid 90s.

Audio » Зарубежный рэпDJ Spinna - Intergalactic Soul (320 kbps)

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DJ Spinna - Intergalactic Soul (320 kbps)Name: DJ Spinna - Intergalactic Soul
Genre: Hip-Hop
Release Date: 2006
Label: Shanachie
Producer: DJ Spinna
Featuring: Phonte Of Little Brother, Alphonso Greer, N'Dea Davenport, The Free Radikalz, Selan, Stephanie McKay, Eric Roberson, Lizz Fields, Heavy, Christian Urich Of Tortured Soul, Tricia Angus
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps (Спектр)
Size: 163 Mb
Duration: 01:10:57
Description: Dj Spinna is a Brooklyn born and raised Dj, producer, remixer and artist. He began his recording career in 1994 as a member of the the underground hip hop group Jigmastas. Throughout his career he has broken down musical barriers between the worlds of hip hop, deep house, soul and jazz working with everyone from Mos Def, Masta Ace, Pharoahe Monch and Eminem, to Eric Roberson, N'dea Davenport, and Mary Mary to Stevie Wonder, Roy Ayers and Sergio Mendes. He has other notable side projects to his credit such as the Polyrhythm Addicts, the Free Radikalz and his alter ego Chopp Master Flopp which have also been released.

Audio » Зарубежный рэпDJ Spinna - Here To There (320 kbps)

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DJ Spinna - Here To There (320 kbps)Name: DJ Spinna - Here To There
Genre: Hip-Hop
Release Date: 2003
Label: Rapster Records
Producer: DJ Spinna
Featuring: Abani B. Fly, Jean Grae, Ticklah, Alfonso Greer, Shadowman from OldWorldDisorder, Rise, Vinia Mojica, Eric Krasno, Neal Evans from Soulive, Jigmastas, Akil, Ovasoul7, Tortured Soul, The Beduin, Angela Johnson, Abdul Shyllon, Shaun Escoffery
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 kbps (Спектр)
Size: 174 Mb
Duration: 01:16:05
Description: Vincent Williams, better known by his stage name DJ Spinna, is an American hip hop producer from Brooklyn.

Audio » Отечественный рэпТерритория Хаоса - Ладони к Солнцу

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Опубликовал: m1kola
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Территория Хаоса - Ладони к СолнцуИсполнитель: Территория Хаоса
Альбом: Ладони к Солнцу
Дата выхода: 31.12.2008
Жанр: Horrorcore Rap
Формат файлов: mp3
Аудио: 192 Кбит/сек
Размер: 64 MB
Продолжительность: 00:46:37
Описание: 2-ой альбом Сочинской хоррор-джаггало-рэп группой под названием "Ладони к солнцу".

Новость отредактировал November - Вчера, 14:22
Причина: Перезалил

Audio » Отечественный рэпMC Slut Decomposer - Торжество Порока

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Опубликовал: 5old13r
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MC Slut Decomposer - Торжество ПорокаName: MC Slut Decomposer - Торжество Порока
Genre: Horrorcore
Release Date: 2012
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 Kbps (Спектр)
Size: 81 mb
Duration: 00:34:25
Description: Если в первых работах стиль Slut Decomposer'а ещё только формировался, то тут он уже выкован полностью и блистает, подобно рубящее-колющему мечу. Уникальная для русского рэпа, брутальная подача, атмосфреные, угнетающие биты. В общем, в лучших традициях жанра. Биты, кстати говоря, усложнились по сравнению с первым альбомом, хотя тематика мрачных скрипов в них продолжается. Непретенциозные тексты, передающие плотоядный ужас биологической стороны жизни. При том, автор ловко балансирует на краю этой простоты, усложнение текстов помешало бы достижению поставленной задачи. Люди в них предстают всего лишь холстами для художников по мясу и кости. Картина, бесспорно, отвратительная и тошнотворная, доведённая до апогея. Не каждому будет приятен этот моральный террор. Так что всё это лишь для искушенных слушателей.

Audio » Зарубежный рэпVA - Office Space. The Soundtrack

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Опубликовал: Wyper
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VA - Office Space. The SoundtrackName: VA - Office Space. The Soundtrack
Genre: Soundtack, Hip-Hop
Release Date: 1999
Format: .mp3
Quality: 320 Kbps
Size: 102 mb
Duration: 00:44:42
Description: Саундтрэк к знаменитой комедии "Офисное пространство"

Video » Зарубежные клипыSadistik x Kno - To Be In Love

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Опубликовал: November
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Sadistik x Kno - To Be In LoveName: Sadistik x Kno - To Be In Love
Year: July 27, 2015
Video: 1280x720
Audio: AAC 192 kbps
Quality: HDRip
Duration: 00:03:13
Size: 42 MB
Format: mp4
Description: New video release by Sadistik & Kno “To Be In Love,” from the upcoming Phantom Limbs available August 11th.

Audio » ПромоCoolzey — Akstoopid/Da Bess (VLS)

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Опубликовал: DWrespect
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Coolzey — Akstoopid/Da Bess (VLS)Исполнитель: Coolzey
Название альбома: Akstoopid/Da Bess
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Год выхода: 2004
Формат: MP3
Качество: 238 Kbps
Размер: 44,07 МБ
Длительность: 0:24:36

Audio » MixtapesDipset - American Dream (Split Tracks Version)

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Опубликовал: needtor
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Dipset - American Dream (Split Tracks Version)Name: Dipset - American Dream
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Year: 2015
Featuring: Jim Jones, Hell Rell, Sen City, Lil Wayne, Styles P, Faith Evans, Chinx, Dave East, Trav, Philthy Rich, Webstar, Neek Bucks, Chad B, Tito Green
Producers: Young Chop, Triple A, Black The Beast, Chedda Bang, Duane Darock
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps WEB
Duration: 01:16:04
Size: 174 Mb
Description: Новинка! Official Mixtape. Потрековая версия

Audio » Зарубежный рэпLil Dicky - Professional Rapper (320 Kbps)

Вчера, 08:06
Опубликовал: Kirill-x-zibit
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Lil Dicky - Professional Rapper (320 Kbps)Name: Lil Dicky - Professional Rapper
Genre: Hip-Hop
Release Date: July 31, 2015
Label: CMSN
Guests: Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, Brain, Brendon Urie, Fetty Wap, Hannibal Buress, Jace, Rich Homie Quan
Format: mp3
Quality: 320 Kbps (Спектр)
Size: 182 mb
Duration: 01:19:30
Description: Дебютный альбом от гига